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What we do

Equator Sports Group provides a variety of Business/Legal Affairs and Branding/Marketing services to professional and amateur athletes, agents, teams, athletic departments, conferences, leagues and national governing bodies. Our work has included assisting sports industry constituents in the following areas:

Business and Legal Affairs

  • Athlete Eligibility Issues
  • Drug Testing Policies, Programs and Appeals
  • Sports Contracts Disputes Resolution and Arbitration
  • Sports Business Research
  • Sports-Related Educational Programs and Services Development
  • Organizational Governance, Policymaking and Strategic Planning
  • Sports Leadership Development and Prevention Programs
  • Counseling on the Selection of Athlete Representation
  • Organizational Compliance and Investigations
  • Agent Regulations and Arbitration
  • Developing Sports Programs for Social Change and Development
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Strategic Risk and Crisis Management Regulatory Compliance

Branding and Marketing

  • Business and Athlete Marketing
  • Brand Management
  • Corporate Partnership
  • Event Development
  • Digital Media
  • Business and Athlete Licensing

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