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Equator Sports Group is a consulting group with expertise in athletic governance, business development, legal affairs, marketing, brand management, digital media and marketing, licensing, media relations, athlete marketing and management, and community outreach in the sports industry.

Equator Sports Group is the new player in the sports business world. We are the new Africa The company’s mission is to bring quality and innovation to the world of football, by providing exclusive services to top players, sports celebrities, clubs and sponsors. Football Capital manages both the sports career and the public image of professional footballers and coaches. However, it also provides sponsorship and sports marketing consultancy to clubs and to companies investing in sport.


ESG offers it’s expertise in advising and consulting to individual athletes and their families on their options, both professionally and collegiately, no matter what sport they participate in.

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Our experience from both inside and outside the sporting professional arena makes us ideally suited to help advise and deliver strategy, planning and commercial solutions.

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With our sports professionals we look to work on their behalf to ensure all they have to concentrate on is their performance.

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DiscoverOur creative team

The team is comprised of several industry executives with decades of experience and extensive relationships throughout across various industries.

What we have in stock for you

  • A team of approachable Agents based nationwide and licensed by the Football Association
  • Proven relationships with football clubs throughout the U.K. and established links in Europe, Australia, Asia and the U.S.
  • Advice, should you require it, from ex-professional footballers with first-hand knowledge of every League.
  • Contract negotiations handled with diplomacy and expertise.
  • Legal advice, financial guidance and dispute resolution.
  • Access to Lifestyle Management Services specifically tailored to the needs of ESG clients.

Equator Sports Group is the new player in the sports business world. We are the new Africa

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